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What is a UL 9540-Certified System?

A UL 9540 Energy Storage System (ESS) is comprised of:

  • A UL 1973-certified stationary battery pack
  • A UL 1741-certified inverter
  • Rigorous thermal and electrical testing and evaluation of the UL listed components ensures they are integrated into a safe, high-performance system.

Why UL 9540?

Complete peace of mind for our customers


  • Eliminates poorly integrated custom systems that are unsafe and/or underperforming
  • 2018 CA building code has adopted International Residential Code (IRC) requiring UL 9540 for an ESS
  • UL stamp on the entire system expedites project permitting and approval
  • Proactive steps to achieve UL 9540 demonstrates OutBack's commitment to safety and performance

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  • When Does it Apply?

    UL 9540 Applies to the inverter, battery and battery management system (BMS) in a residential energy storage system.

    “The systems covered by this standard include those intended to be used in a standalone mode (e.g. islanded) including "self-supply" systems to provide electric energy and those used in parallel with an electric power system or electric utility grid such as "grid-supply" systems, or applications that perform multiple operational modes.”

    - From UL 9540:2016

  • Why OutBack and EnerSys?

    OutBack and EnerSys are positioned for single-brand UL 9540 solutions.

    • EnerSys is the global leader in stored energy solutions with over 110 years of experience
    • OutBack is the most trusted brand in advanced off-grid and grid-interactive battery-based renewable energy systems since 2001

    OutBack is the only brand with UL 9540 options for grid tie and off grid, DC and AC Coupled applications. See below for a table of OutBack UL 9540 options.

  • Summary
    • Complete peace of mind for your customers
    • Commitment to safety
    • Commitment to performance
    • Consumer confidence
    • Fast permitting and approval
UL 9540 Certified OutBack Products
OutBack EquipmentBattery EnclosureBattery Option(s)
All FLEXpower Radian Systems IBR-2-48-175-Li
Simpliphi 3.5kWh 3.5-48-60
Simpliphi 3.8kWh 3.8-48-60
All VFXR and FXR Inverters IBR-2-48-175-Li
Simpliphi 3.5kWh 3.5-48-60
Simpliphi 3.8kWh 3.8-48-60
AC Coupled Radian IBR-2-48-175-Li
Simpliphi 3.5kWh 3.5-48-60
Simpliphi 3.8kWh 3.8-48-60


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