How to Arrange for Warranty Service

During the warranty period beginning on the invoice date, OutBack Power will repair or replace products covered under this limited warranty that are returned to OutBack Power' facility or to an OutBack Power authorized repair facility, or that are repaired on site by an OutBack Power authorized repair person.



Warranty Documentation

Click the following links for warranty documentation pertaining to your product


FXR/VFXR A/E Series, Radian A/E Series, FLEXmax 60/80, FLEXmax 100, MATE3s, and any FLEXpower systems incorporating these models:


OBX Extreme Series and other specialty or customized inverter/chargers:


FX/VFX, Radian GS8048, FLEXmax Extreme, and any FLEXpower systems incorporating these models:


MATE, MATE3, FLEXnet DC, AXS Port, all HUB products, Radian GS Load Centers, FLEXware products, autotransformers, combiners and all general "balance-of-system" (BOS) products:




Contacting OutBack

To request warranty service, contact OutBack Technical Support at +1.360.435.6030 or direct at +1.360.618.4363 or visit our Online Support Request page. To ensure warranty coverage, this contact must be within the effective warranty period. If service is required, the OutBack Technical Support representative will issue a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.




In the event of a product failure, the customer will need to work with an OutBack Technical Support representative to perform the necessary troubleshooting. This is a required step before a return can be performed. Troubleshooting requires a qualified technician to be present at the site of the product, with a quality voltmeter that measures both DC and AC. The OutBack representative will request voltmeter readings, product error messages, and other information. Many problems can be resolved onsite. If the customer is not willing or able to provide these readings (or is not willing or able to visit the site), and the product is found to have no problems upon return, OutBack may choose to charge additional labor and handling fees up to $180.00 USD.



Return Material Authorization (RMA)

A request for an RMA number requires all of the following information:

  • Product model and serial number
  • Proof-of-purchase in the form of a copy of the original Product purchase invoice or receipt confirming the Product model number and serial number
  • Description of the problem
  • Shipping address for the repaired or replacement equipment

Upon receiving this information, the OutBack representative can issue an RMA number.



Returning Product to OutBack

After receiving the RMA number, the customer must pack the product(s) authorized for return, along with a copy of the original purchase invoice and warranty certificate, in the original product shipping container(s) or packaging providing equivalent or reasonable protection. The RMA number must be written on the outside of the packaging where it is clearly visible.

If product is within the warranty period, OutBack will cover pre-paid shipping with prior arrangement.

The product(s) must be shipped back to OutBack Power in their original or equivalent packaging, to the following address:


OutBack Power
RMA # ____________________
Attn: Service Department
7360 S. Kyrene Rd. Ste. 105
Tempe, AZ 85283

The customer must insure the shipment, or accept the risk of loss or damage during shipment. If a shipping box is needed for return of a product, OutBack will, upon request, send a shipping box.


OutBack is not responsible for shipping damage caused by improperly packaged products, the repairs this damage might require, or the costs of these repairs.

If, upon receipt of the product, OutBack determines the product or product part is defective and that the defect is covered under the terms of this warranty, OutBack will then and only then ship a repaired or replacement product or product part to the purchaser freight prepaid, non-expedited, using a carrier of OutBack’s choice, when applicable.

If product fails in 90 days or fewer from the original purchase date, OutBack will replace with a new product. If product fails after 90 days and up to expiration of warranty, OutBack will, at its discretion, either repair and return a product, or ship a replacement product. OutBack will determine whether a product is to be repaired or replaced in accordance with product age and model. OutBack will authorize advance shipment of a replacement based on product age and model.

In cases where an OutBack dealer or distributor replaces a product more than 90 days old with a new product, OutBack will NOT compensate that dealer or distributor with new stock unless the exchange was authorized in advance by OutBack.



Out of Warranty

If product is out of warranty, OutBack will repair and return product for a fee. Alternately, if applicable, OutBack will advance-ship replacement parts for a fee upon request.

If a shipping box is needed for return of out-of-warranty product, OutBack will send a shipping box upon request. The customer is responsible for paying shipping to OutBack.

The warranty period of any repaired or replacement product or product part is 90 days from the date of shipment from OutBack, or the remainder of the initial warranty term, whichever is greater.

This warranty is void for any product that has been modified by the customer without authorization by OutBack. A product with a voided warranty will be treated the same as one with an expired warranty.


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