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Before contacting technical support at OutBack, please search the following FAQs, review all related product documentation, and, if you are a product owner, contact your installer/distributor.

WARNING: Shock Hazard
The following FAQs, documents, and links are for use by qualified personnel who meet all local and governmental code requirements for licensing and training for the installation of electrical power systems with AC and DC voltage. Failure to install or use any equipment as instructed in these documents can result in harm to the user and/or damage to the equipment. Products are only serviceable by qualified personnel.

Use caution after an error shutdown. During an error shutdown, the inverter’s output terminals are not live. However, if the inverter recovers from a shutdown, the terminals will become live without notice. Several error shutdowns can be recovered automatically, including Low Battery V, High Battery V, and Over Temperature.

What do I do if my Inverter is not producing output/powering loads?

To troubleshoot an inverter that is not producing output voltage or supporting your critical loads:

  1. Measure DC voltage at the inverter terminals (directly on the inverter). See your product’s Spec Sheet to verify that this voltage is within the acceptable voltage window.
  2. See installation manual for the location of jumper J3. Confirm the jumper is present. If missing, replace the jumper or follow the installation manual instructions to install an external switch.
  3. On the MATE3 display, make sure that the inverter hot key is set to “On”.

Please also review the Operator’s Manual and Spec Sheet for your inverter.

Click Here for Inverter / Charger Reference Documentation

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What is Optics?
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Why is my Inverter not selling?
Why is my Inverter not connecting to the AC Source (Grid or Generator)?

If your inverter is not connecting to its AC source, perform the following checks:

  1. Measure the inverter’s input AC voltage (refer to diagram below) and check if your AC source meets requirements (compare to the Spec Sheet for your product). If it meets requirements but is irregular, change the input mode to “Generator”.
    • Radian-series only: Confirm nature of the AC Source. Check AC voltage between L1, L2, and neutral on the inverter’s input test points. L1-neutral and L2-neutral should be 120 Vac. L1-L2 should be 240 Vac. Other voltage combinations are not accepted.
  2. Check to see if the inverter disconnected due to an event and examine the Last AC Disconnect screen for reason of disconnection. If the unit never originally connected, check the Warning menu.
    • Radian-series only: On the MATE3, in the AC Input hot key select “Discon”.
  3. On the MATE3, check for conflicting programing. Check to see if more than one of these is enabled: Mini Grid, HBX, Grid Use Time, or Load Grid Transfer. Only one can be in use at a time.
    1. Unless changed manually, check AC Input hot key is set to mode “Use”.
    2. Check the Grid Use Time settings and clock settings in the System menu.
    3. Check AC Input hot key screen to see if HBX is in use, check the settings of HBX mode.

Please also refer to the Operator’s Manual and Spec Sheet for your inverter.

Click Here for Inverter / Charger Reference Documentation

Click Here for MATE3 Reference Documentation

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