Off-Grid Inverter/Charger
OBX Extreme Series

Product Highlights

  • Pure sine wave power output
  • Water-resistant sealed chassis
  • Flexible mounting design
  • Intelligent battery charging
  • Integrated AC transfer relay
  • Description

    The OutBack Extreme Series Inverter/Charger is all that its name implies. Built from exceptionally rugged components not available in regular commercial “off-the-shelf" inverter/chargers, the water-resistant Extreme Series Inverters are designed to survive harsh environmental conditions including shock and vibration.

    The Extreme Series Inverter/Charger features intelligent battery charging and an integrated AC transfer relay with automatic neutral-ground switching for mobile applications. A “mount anywhere” design and silent operation, along with low-distortion pure sine wave power output, make them ideal for mobile electrical needs, and their ample surge capability can start multiple heavy loads simultaneously. Integrated building block architecture allows expanding a system from 2 to 36 kW, and user-defined settings allow systems operation at 120 VAC, 120/240 VAC or 120Y208 VAC three-phase by stacking multiple Extreme inverter/chargers together.