Renewable Energy Top Terminal Battery
EnergyCell™ TT

Product Highlights

  • Ideal use for backup or light duty cycling applications
  • 500 cycles @ 50% DoD @ 25°C
  • Advanced AGM technology provides high capacity retention for non-temperature controlled applications
  • 12 year standby life at 25°C
  • 12 month shelf life at 25°C
  • BCI Group sizes 27 and 31 available
  • Description

    The EnergyCell™ TT Series is a line of top terminal 12VDC VRLA AGM batteries for use in backup or light duty cycling applications.


    The EnergyCell TT battery is built with virgin lead-alloy grids technology minimizing corrosion and maximizing life expectancy. These batteries are tolerant to extreme operating temperatures compared to general purpose VRLA AGM batteries. In addition, EnergyCell TT energy storage requires no periodic watering and at the end of life, batteries are 99% recyclable.