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OutBack Power Gives Up To 24 Percent Discount on Lithium-ion Battery Storage Systems to California Residents to Address Wildfire Blackouts


Arlington, Washington, December 10, 2019 --As California expects wildfire prevention policies to prompt utilities to preemptively shut down grid power for days and weeks at a time in the coming years, OutBack Power Technologies is giving California residents up to 24 percent off its Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) on three energy storage packages. Featuring OutBack inverters and lithium ferrous phosphate batteries, packaged systems are specifically designed to meet California regulations and come with everything needed to install backup power with ease. The special pricing on the packages will continue until March 31, 2020.

“Solar system owners in California with net-metering agreements are learning the hard way that when the grid goes down, so do their panels,” said Sanjeev Choudhary, Vice President of Renewable & Industrial Energy Storage Systems of Enersys. “Preemptive shut-offs due to wildfires are the new normal for California, and residents across the state realize they need to take direct control of their power if they want electricity when they need it. We feel deeply for people in the state affected by these fires, and understand rebuilding takes time, which is why we are offering our discount until March of next year.”

This fall, Public Safety Power Shutoffs, left an estimated 3 million state residents in the dark for days, with little or no notice. While many households and businesses expected their solar panels to power their buildings when the grid was down, they are facing the realization that they also need a capable backup battery system to supply power during these shutoffs.

Each packaged system includes an OutBack inverter, OutBack integrated battery rack, and Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) batteries. LFP batteries are the safest lithium-ion chemistry available and contain no cobalt. Additionally, the systems provide users the opportunity to optimize their energy bills, by leveraging the energy storage to store surplus solar energy during the day and use it in the evenings when rates are highest. Each promotional package is UL 9540 listed/UL 9540 safety compliant. Consumers can contact their local distributor for pricing information. Package options include:

SkyBox SystemEdge 511PHI – CA

  • 10.5kWh of nameplate energy storage
  • One 5kW SkyBox true hybrid energy system
  • Three SimpliPhi 3.5kWh lithium ferrous phosphate batteries
  • One IBR-2-48-175-LI integrated battery rack

SkyBox SystemEdge 514PHI – CA

  • 15kWh of nameplate energy storage
  • One 5kW SkyBox true hybrid energy system
  • Four SimpliPhi 3.8 kWh lithium ferrous phosphate batteries
  • One IBR-2-48-175-LI integrated battery rack

SystemEdge 821PHI – CA

  • 22kWh of nameplate energy storage
  • One 8kWFLEXpower Radian integrated system with FLEXax100 charge controllers
  • Six SimpliPhi 3.8kWh lithium ferrous phosphate batteries
  • One IBR-3-48-175-LI integrated battery rack
  • One RSD-AFCI rapid shutdown combiner system
  • One FWPV6-FH600-SDA combiner

“Many of the generators and battery systems being sold today let everything shut down before the backup system kicks in and in some cases, it requires a manual start. . But, we’ve been doing this for decades and the technology in our packages provides customers with a seamless solution,” explained Paul Dailey, OutBack’s director of product & market strategy. “The transfer from the grid to backup is completely automatic for customers after system installation. It senses when grid power goes down and independently switches to the backup power within a fraction of a second. When you install a backup system, you want to feel confident it’s going to work. That’s what we provide.”

Signals from California utilities indicated that preemptive power shut offs are the new normal in the drought-prone state, When the shuffoffs are coupled with coming Time-of-Use rates for state residents, energy storage is providing people with new opportunities to take control of their power. Whether it’s managing blackouts or optimizing energy bills for the lowest price, OutBack Power solutions have proven robust and reliable since 2001. The company’s products are installed in tens of thousands of locations around the globe for both grid-tied and off-grid applications. For more information on OutBack and how to purchase a package, visit



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