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Malankara Plantations in Kerala, India is an 86 year old landmark and the first public plantation producing tea and rubber in India. Team Sustain provided a system to power the complex to run 18 tons of air conditioning, IT networking, lighting and water pumps to support 45 office workers with a 25kW 3-phase system of nine OutBack GVX-series off-grid inverter/chargers. The system is so effective that the building now boasts a five-star energy efficiency rating.

The United States Army’s M113 armored personnel carrier has revolutionized mobile military operations. On-board instrumentation, navigation, surveillance, computing and communications electronics depend on OutBack Extreme-series inverter/chargers for clean, stable power in the field.

Thirty-seven kilometers above the South Pole, NASA is conducting ongoing Antarctic Impulse Transient Antenna Array (ANITA) missions to detect ultra-high energy cosmic-ray neutrinos near the edge of space. An OutBack FLEXmax 60 Charge Controller is on-board to manage power from the solar array in very demanding conditions.

As the number one state for hurricane strikes, Florida takes emergency preparation seriously. The Florida Solar Energy Center SunSmart E-Shelter program is a network of public shelters in 90 schools across the state with a triple purpose: renewable energy education for students, energy savings for school systems and emergency shelter for the public when needed. The shelters’ solar power systems have OutBack GVFX-series grid-interactive inverter/chargers at their core.

The Rifugio Alimonta was designed as a climbing lodge in the Italian Alps, a destination for world-class mountaineers for centuries. OutBack provides the facility with reliable, off-grid power miles above the nearest utility.

Energy Options in Lancaster, California designed and installed a net-zero renewable energy system with 100 percent battery backup to run a cattle ranch where three independent utilities were some distance from the ranch’s centralized power plant. Twenty OutBack Radians and an OutBack MATE3 controller provide a combination of system-management and power-conversion to run the ranch in off-grid mode.

Given the remote location of the Tumul K’in Mayan School in the Belize rainforest where the only means of access is by river with a longboat, an on-site renewable energy power-generation required a very compact and high-output system. OutBack’s FLEXware 500 provided the solution for both renewable energy and as a sustainable technology teaching platform for the school’s 30 students.

Above the Arctic Circle, the Ivotuk Research Station serves as a joint facility for the Global Change Research Group (GCRG) and the Water and Environmental Research Center (WERC). An OutBack inverter and charge controller manage a hybrid power system of PV panels, wind turbine and two generators in order to deliver the electricity necessary to support meteorological and other scientific instrumentation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Following the Pinnacles National Monument’s centennial, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act upgraded the park with a new visitors’ center to accommodate greater than 60,000 visitors each year. The center’s vending machines, lighting, entry station, fire/EMS building and maintenance yard are entirely off-grid. The center is powered by a 36kW system with roof-mounted PV panels and 10 OutBack inverters in two FLEXware 1000 and one FLEXware 500 configurations, providing self-sustained solar energy to the national monument.

Following the devastating earthquake, the hospital built in Thomonde, Haiti by the Partners in Health (PIH) became more expensive to run when a diesel generator was needed 24/7. The Solar Electric Light Fund came to the hospital’s aid with a 29kW off-grid solar PV system powered by four OutBack VFX inverters and six FLEXmax charge controllers, which is capable of running the hospital’s lighting, lab equipment, fans, refrigeration, computers, diagnostic machines and all other electrical needs to support patients and staff.

The US Cellular BTS installation is at an elevation of 4,000 feet next to Mount St. Helens, where conditions require a snow-cat to bring in propane to fuel its generator. An on-site renewable energy system is critical. This one uses twin OutBack VFX-series inverters and four FLEXmax charge controllers to serve the telecommunications needs of Forest Service personnel, hikers and researchers that frequent this famous location.

Alternative Power Productions of California uses an off-grid solar/diesel power plant to electrify high-powered audio, video and lighting systems used in outdoor concerts and festivals for high-profile acts including Stevie Wonder and Neil Young. Its PV array is built into the stage cover, and its large battery bank occupies the space below the stage floor to deliver clean, quiet power using OutBack’s FLEXpower and FLEXware systems.

Microgrid electrical systems are beneficial to isolated villages, where homes, police stations and religious facilities are primed for electrically-powered modern conveniences and appliances. A fishing and pepper-farming village at the tip of East Malaysia, Melano is unreachable by land, and accessible only after an extended boat trip, making it a perfect candidate for 18.4kW of power run by two OutBack Power FLEXware systems, since compact size makes this system ideal for hand-carried and small boat transport. Because the village is so inaccessible, reliability is paramount as replacements are literally a journey away.

Featured in the 2010 film Carbon Nation, retired U.S. Army Colonel and Green Hawk movement founder Daniel Nolan demonstrates the technology behind Fort Irwin National Training Center’s experimental building design where HVAC needs in desert conditions are about one-sixth that of conventional shelters, thanks to energy from OutBack FLEXware™ system powering the PV installation and wind turbines. The military is dedicated to reducing its dependency on convoy-transported fuel and generating power on-site, which in turn reduces strategic risk and liability, saving costs and lives.

Locally-installed and maintained in Lesotho, Africa, solar projects are funded by groups including the Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation and Partners in Health; they are the best choice to meet the electrical needs of rural clinics that are the first line of defense again malaria, tuberculosis or AIDS. OutBack’s FLEXware is a renewable system teaching platform and a core power source for community services for these African clinics.

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