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System Display and Controller

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This firmware is not compatible with the legacy MATE3 system display and controller.



For additional information on the update process for the MATE3s, view the video below, or click this link



Please ensure that you are downloading the correct version number. Each download contains a ReadMe text file that details the:

  • Firmware Version Number
  • Contents of the Release
  • Release Date
  • Additional useful information

Once downloaded, verify that the ReadMe text file contains the proper information regarding your MATE3s.

CAUTION:  MATE3s version 1.4.3 is included below.  The later version 1.4.4, when downloaded, had a coding error that caused the device to lock up when updating inverter firmware.  Do NOT install version 1.4.4 firmware, if the download is available.  If you install version 1.4.4 and attempt to update inverter firmware, OutBack will not be held responsible for any subsequent failures on the device.  We expect to have this issue resolved by version 1.4.5, which will be published in the coming weeks. 

  • Version 001.004.003 
    • Contents of the Release: New Features, Bug fixes and Enhancements
    • Release Date: March 2020
    • New Features:
      • Added Charge Controller grid tie mode (GT Mode) number to the charge controller status screen on the MATE3s display and OPTICS RE.
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Fixed an issue where the internal web page displays Load Grid Transfer's Load Threshold kW as ten times (×10) its actual value.
      • Fixed an issue where maximum value of SoC was exceeding 100%.  Maximum value of SoC is now capped at 100%.
      • Fixed a communication issue that caused intermittent cycling of configuration values and port assignments leading to unexplained configuration change events being logged by MATE3s / OPTICS RE.
      • Fixed inconsistencies in computing and reporting active power, reactive power, apparent power and power factor values.
      • Fixed a routine that caused slave Radian inverter battery chargers to stay set to Off when the master inverter calls them to turn on after certain sequences of events in Off Grid mode.
      • Fixed a bug that changed the AC Output Voltage, LBCO delay and Time Zone to incorrect values when using the Restore Configuration function.
      • Fixed CSIP SunSpec model implementation issues in DID 126 - Volt-VAR Arrays, DID 132 - Volt Watt Arrays, DID 134 - Frequency Watt Control.
      • Implemented a fix to filter corrupted MAC address.
    • Enhancements:
      • Modified Grid Disconnect SOC value range in HBX Mode to 20-100% to accommodate lithium ion battery state of charge specifications.
      • Ported Ethernet Stack Reset mechanism from MATE3 and other enhancements to improve connectivity.
    • Known Issues:
      • In systems with FM100-300VDC-AFCI charge controllers, enabling Charge Termination appears to cause incorrect communication packages that break communication between the gateway and the charge controller. This can be corrected by disabling Charge Termination.
      • Energy accumulation values on the gateway display sum of values instead of transferring them when switching AC Input priority from Grid to Gen or Gen to Grid.
      • HBCO/LBCO delay granularity and range inconsistent across FXR inverters, MATE3s and OPTICSRE.
      • MATE3S firmware updates sometimes fail to update both the main processor and ethernet processor at the same time. If this occurs, update the gateway by unplugging it from its power source, inserting the SD card with all update files available in the root of the SD card, then holding down the UP button while plugging it back in. Release the UP button once the bootloader screen
      • Due to various causes, some gateways experience memory corruption, causing them to freeze up, or the buttons to stop responding. In this case, use the same update method described above to clear the corrupted memory.

Click here to find the release notes for previous MATE3s firmware versions.


For more information regarding the update process for the MATE3s, see the video below:

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