System Display and Controller

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This firmware is not compatible with the legacy MATE3 system display and controller.



For additional information on the update process for the MATE3s, view the video below, or click this link



Please ensure that you are downloading the correct version number. Each download contains a ReadMe text file that details the:

  • Firmware Version Number
  • Contents of the Release
  • Release Date
  • Additional useful information

Once downloaded, verify that the ReadMe text file contains the proper information regarding your MATE3s.

  • Version 001.004.002 
    • Contents of the Release: New Features, Bug fixes and Enhancements
    • Release Date: April 2019
    • New Features:
      • Added ability to generate system commissioning inverter settings report for PREPA. This feature is available to installers in the Inverter menu.
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Fixed an issue where the internal web page displays values for AGS Load Start and Load Stop as ten times (×10) their actual value.
      • Fixed an error that could cause intermittent incorrect CRC errors, which in turn caused issues with replay (file corruption) and OPTICS RE connectivity.
      • Fixed an issue where the scaling of the high and low battery cut off (HBCO/LBCO) delay times are ten times (×10) their displayed value.
      • Fixed an issue that caused the FM100-300VDC-AFCI model name to be truncated.
      • Fixed an issue that caused out-of-range inverter calibration settings and Grid Connect delay setting.
    • Enhancements:
      • Additional stability fixes for replay.
      • Improved support for FM100-300VDC-AFCI charge controller.
    • Known Issues:
      • Calibration. When updating from 1.4.0, please check your calibration settings (especially for FNDC) to make sure they have not changed and that they are in range.
      • Connection to OPTICS RE. If your MATE3s does not connect to OPTICS RE after updating the firmware, and you're sure your network connection is strong and stable, try running the firmware update again. This will trigger rebuilding certain internal files that may help clear the connectivity problem.

Click here to find the release notes for previous MATE3s firmware versions.


For more information regarding the update process for the MATE3s, see the video below:

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