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The following firmware versions are outdated and should only be used upon recommendation from OutBack Power Technical Support. The latest firmware for the MATE3 can be found here.

This firmware is not compatible with the MATE3s.



For additional information on the update process for the MATE3, view the video below, or click this link



Please ensure that you are downloading the correct version number. Each download contains a ReadMe text file that details the:

  • Firmware Version Number
  • Contents of the Release
  • Release Date
  • Additional useful information

Once downloaded, verify that the ReadMe text file contains the proper information regarding your MATE3. 

  • Version 003.017.001 (OPTICS RE)
    • Contents of the Release: Bug Fixes
    • Release Date: August 2018
    • Additional Information:
      • Fixed an issue that could cause the Wizard to incorrectly set voltages and currents in Radian E model inverters.
      • Fixed an issue that could cause the battery voltage calibration factor to exceed the upper limit.
  • Version 003.017.000 (OPTICS RE)
    • Contents of the Release: New Features, Bug Fixes, and Enhancements
    • Release Date: May 2018
    • Additional Information:
      • Fixed issues with MATE3 connectivity to OPTICS that would cause connections to drop, large data spikes to appear, data stream and ModBus communication to go down periodically, DHCP enable/disable to not work correctly, and inverters getting deselected in OPTICS
      • Fixed issues with the internal Web page not loading, and conformed internal Web page version number to the firmware release version number for consistency
      • Fixed issue that caused a large number of on-site change events to post
      • Fixed issue that caused a firmware update error to appear in Event History
      • Fixed issue that caused inconsistent display of generator hour meter
      • Fixed issue that caused FLEXNet-DC "Charge Parms Met" event to not post
      • Fixed issue that caused saved settings of Upper Voltage Limit value of 256 and 258 to produce 0 and 2 respectively when restored
      • Fixed issue that could cause Setup Page Hold and Delay Settings to be off by a factor of ten
      • Fixed issue that could cause the AC Input LED to not light when AC input power is present
      • Fixed issue that could cause the GMT timestamp to be improperly set on certain startup conditions
      • Fixed issue that could cause very large numbers to appear in AC Input Current
      • Fixed issue that could cause distortion of characters in the LCD
      • Fixed issue that could cause a mismatch of settings for AC Amps between the status screen soft key and the Inverter AC Input and Current Limits settings
      • Fixed issue that could cause settings to revert to pre-load of a GIP file when MATE3 is power-cycled
      • Fixed issue that could cause settings changed locally on charge controllers (or while the charge controller was not connected to OPTICS) to not properly update OPTICS
      • Fixed issue that could cause AC Input Limits to display at 4x the actual setting for up to three minutes before the display updates to show the correct value
      • Fixed issue in the Profile Wizard that caused the scroll value to roll over from 60 to 0 without allowing the user to scroll back to 60, so the user would have to scroll from 0 up to 60 to effectively scroll back one
      • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect values to appear for input and output current and power for an FNDC
    • New Features:
      • Added support for SA-compliant inverters
      • Added support for the new OutBack FlexMAX 100 charge controller
    • Enhancements:
      • Updated internal Web page links to point to the new OutBack Power Web site resources
      • Improved replay functionality
      • Added support for data streams for FXR inverters
      • Improved some event history messages in OPTICS
      • Disabled Update key if no SD card is present or the SD card does not have a firmware image file. This prevents the inverter from shutting down in preparation for an update when no update is available in the SD card
      • Improved FXR support to discern between Grid (AC1) input and GEN (AC2) for reporting to OPTICS
      • Improved resolution of AC current settings and value display for FXR/Radian to two decimal places
    • Other Changes:
      • Removed "PF Priority" from the Multi-Function Parameter screen as it is no longer supported
    • Known Issues:
      • Unreliable data replay functionality.
      • Replay stores data on an SD card if the MATE3 becomes disconnected from OPTICS. On reconnection, the Mate3 uploads the data to OPTICS. We have improved the replay functionality, but some users may see a gap in the backfilled data, graphs, and event history on OPTICS. If you see this situation, please notify OutBack customer support
      • Issues causing the MATE3 to freeze after the lock button is pressed, freeze on the splash screen, or enter a reboot loop when the splash screen is reached are caused by corruption or failure of the NAND flash. These systems must be sent to OutBack for service
  • Version 003.015.005 (OPTICS RE)
    • Contents of the Release: Bug Fixes
    • Release Date: May 2017
    • Additional Information: Fixed issue with automatic reboot not functioning, fixed issue with FLEXnet-DC not programmable via OPTICS when installed on HUB port 10, fixed OPTICS partial connectivity issue, fixed issue with 230VAC Radian AC voltages displaying as one half of actual value, fixed OPTICS Event "Battery State of Charge (SOC) stop percentage reached, Generator Stopped" battery voltage value missing", fixed issue that would sometimes display wrong screen after selecting a menu item, fixed issue MATE3 locking up when configuring for AC Coupling, connected to HUB and programmed for port 0, fixed issue with supporting 'E' model Radian Inverters not displaying kW or kWh values, fixed OPTICS maximum sell current appeared to be changing upon power-up, removed extraneous data from network data stream, fixed firmware update link within MATE3 internal Web page.
    • Enhancements: Modified OPTICS Auto Reboot functionality to always reboot at specified interval unless generator is being automatically operated by MATE3, improved synchronization of kWh accumulators resetting at midnight between MATE3 and OPTICS to prevent erroneous power output spikes being graphed, improved detection of bad SD-Card.
    • Known Issues: Unreliable data replay functionality which is responsible backfills data after a disconnect event has occurred. If the data fails to backfill, then there will be gaps of data missing in the graphing and event history sections of the application.
  • Version 002.019.000
    • Contents of the Release: Enhancements and bug fixes
    • Release Date: December 2014
    • Additional Information: Fixed issue with configuration wizard configuring Radian inverter AC output voltage incorrectly, improved Radian AC Coupled functionality allowing AC coupling to function correctly independent of AC input mode configuration, improved Radian inverter operating mode status display for "slave" inverters, fixed spelling mistake within Events listing

For more information regarding the update process for the MATE3, see the video below:

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