Access your system anytime, anywhere
  • Product Line: Communications
  • Part Number: OpticsRE
Optics RE

OPTICS RE allows system installers and owners to monitor and control system settings from any internet connected device – anywhere in the world. With real-time status and hands-on control, track and manage individual system performance or a network of dispersed systems.


Product Highlights

  • NEW - FLEXtime - Control when to use Grid, Renewable or Stored
  • NEW - Enhanced map view for Fleet Management
  • NEW - Aggregated Site Level Dashboards
  • NEW - Downloadable historical data
  • Full remote control of over 600 system device parameters
  • Monitor energy production use
  • Verify system performance and health
  • Simple insight into complex data via historical graphs
  • Receive email notifications and alerts
  • Description

    What you see is what you get... and what you get is what you need!  The ability to see the electricity you produce and consume is a powerful advantage, get it with the first and only Full Control and monitoring platform from OutBack Power.


    • Maximize system performance and energy savings
    • Reduce the need for costly, on-site maintenance
    • Stay connected with your green lifestyle


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