Remote Power System
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Solar Power Stations (SPS)

Product Highlights

  • Ideal for any application where remote power is needed
  • Pole and ground mount options available
  • 12, 24 and 48 volt output configurations
  • Factory built and tested engineered solutions
  • EnergyCell RE batteries ensure top performance
  • Quality racking rated for 90 MPH winds
  • Description

    The SmartHarvest by OutBack Solar Power Station (SPS) line consists of five manufactured, outdoor rated, solar-powered solutions designed to make it easy to power lower-voltage DC systems at remote sites.  Think of them as “south-facing electrical outlets” that can provide continuous DC power in areas where there are no sources of electricity nearby—the ideal alternative to  grid power for operating DC loads in the field.   SPS eliminates the need for trenching a power line or installing power poles to the site.

    The five systems are designed to operate with a solar resource of approximately 3 hours a day or more depending on solar conditions and other factors (continental USA average); their powering capacities range from typical continuous load support of 11-47W, and (depending on location and solar conditions) maximum loads from 24-95W.

    SPS models are engineered for continuous, autonomous and automatic operation with little field maintenance required once installed and connected.   And they can go practically anywhere, with powder-coated NEMA 3R rated enclosures to resist weather extremes, and solar racking designed to withstand up to 90 mph winds.  The on-board EnergyCell RE batteries and charge controller are engineered for long service life under a wide range of temperature conditions. Built-in breakers protect all sensitive internal circuits.

    Please note SmartHarvest by OutBack products are not designed for connection with OutBack communication devices. For more information on product capability, please contact sales or technical support.



    Anyone who needs remote DC power away from the electrical grid.

    • farmers with irrigation, remote field/barn lighting, electric fencing, and other agricultural needs,
    • park services and rangers operating communications and monitoring equipment,
    • security teams operating camera monitoring and video recording systems,
    • environmental monitoring groups tracking weather, water levels, and other conditions and also operating sampling equipment,
    • facilities operators requiring stand-alone systems with their own power,
    • municipalities looking for a lower-powered LED lighting solution or powering radar speed control signs in traffic calming applications
    • highway and transportation operations and maintenance departments implementing Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) alongside roads and construction zones,

    …and many others.

    Support Docs


    Solar Power Stations are shipped with a Quick Start Guide with essential installation and set-up information.  In addition, more in-depth information is contained in these manuals for the components used in SPS models.  Consult the QSG for the manuals applicable to your model.

    1. Charge Controllers (3): SmartHarvest by OutBack Power SCCM-20, OutBack Power FLEXmax 60, and TriStar MPPT-30
    2. Batteries— EnergyCell RE manual, includes all models (OutBack EnergyCell RE)
    3. Solar Panel Racking (3)— for 1, 2 and 3 panel installations (DPW Solar/Power-Fab)
    4. Solar Panels--  installation guide and user guide (ET Solar)

    Technical Specifications

    • smartharvest sps specs