Radian Inverters/Chargers

Radian colorizedWith all the hallmark features you've come to expect from the Radian Inverter/Charger, the expanded Radian family now includes four new models with specific models designed to meet the unique requirements of the world's different regions.  Each new model offers seven operating modes and two advanced, future-ready technologies, including GridZero Technology.

GridZero Technology, the newest of the Radian's seven input modes, provides the perfect balance between utility power and stored renewable energy.  By allowing a home or business to satisfy most of its power needs with renewable sources grid supplied power is only tapped when load demand exceeds a pre-set threshold.  While the Radian is still grid-connected, grid dependence can be reduced to zero whenever possible.

All of this means the Radian offers unmatched performance, reliability, value and system flexibility today and into the future.

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