6 FM60 on one buss bar AMP overload?

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6 FM60 on one buss bar AMP overload?

Post by Beechigby » Mon Aug 10, 2020 5:07 pm

Typicially, there is a DC Pos buss with multipule positions for up to #6 wire and a few positions for larger (#2?) wire. I have 6 FM60 outputs going from the PV CC ouptut breaker directly to the bat buss that has a single 175A breaker and 2, 4/0 bat outputs. I need to add another 175A breaker for a 2nd GVFX3648 inverter (Classic Stack), so i need to move some or all of the CC output wires.
Does the STD PV pos buss bar have an amp limit (6FM60 x 60 Amp = 360Amp possible)?
of course, if that is within limits, I still need to use 3, #4 (very short, 120A max each) to go from buss to bat buss
Each CC has 2475watts of PV

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Re: 6 FM60 on one buss bar AMP overload?

Post by pss » Mon Aug 10, 2020 5:48 pm

This ought to solve your problem. It works great for me. Search for it on amazon.com.

Wall Mounted .25" x 2" x 10" Copper Ground Bar Kit- SCGB-1KT

I use one for the positive and one for the negative.

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