KiloVault LiFePO4 on MX60

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KiloVault LiFePO4 on MX60

Post by Zachrey » Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:07 pm

Hi Everyone!

I have an MX60 controller that I just switched over to LiFePO4 and have a funny thing happening...

I set the Absorb voltage for 27.6V (with shortest possible absorb time of 6 minutes, 0.1hr) and the float voltage to 26.8V, which is quite close to the Mfrs spec.

I stuck a homebrew data logger on the puppy to make sure everything is working as expected and got the following results:

Normal ramp up in battery voltage and battery current from sunrise to about 10:30am. Once it reaches the absorb voltage, it says "CHARGED" then it goes to "SNOOZING" then it goes to "TRACKING" and then goes to "MPPT BULK" and then back to "CHARGED". This curious phenomena repeats 16 times and it FINALLY settles on "FLOAT"!

I subsequently changed the Absorb end amps parameter from 0Amps to 10 AMps in hopes that it would stop the weirdness, but will need to harvest the data from the logger to find out later today.

Sorry for the jumbled images. This editor is buggy.

Here is the Amps time series:

Here is the voltage time series
Voltage time series
Here is a zoom in on the Amps
Amps zoom in
Here is the Voltage zoom in
Voltage time series
Voltage zoom in
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Re: KiloVault LiFePO4 on MX60

Post by raysun » Mon Jun 24, 2019 8:08 pm

Have you tried charging the battery from another, non-solar, charger for comparison?

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