$15 DIY IoT Monitor for Mate/Mate2

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$15 DIY IoT Monitor for Mate/Mate2

Postby drstrip on Mon Dec 31, 2018 9:21 am

I've built a fairly simple interface to the Mate that uses a Wemos D1 mini to send a variety of parameters to a ThingSpeak channel. If all this jargon is nonsense to you, stop reading here.

If you're still running a vintage mate and want some online displays, you know how to solder electronics, know enough to flash a device using the Arduino IDE (and possibly some simple programming), and have $15 to spend on parts, send me a PM that includes an email address so I can contact you directly.

1. This is still very developmental
2. Reliability is unknown - not suitable for use in mission critical environments
3. I'll try to help, but you'll be largely on your own
4. No written docs at this point. If there is more interest than I expect, I'll put together some decent docs.
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