Mate and hub 4 comm issue

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Mate and hub 4 comm issue

Postby theonlymisteron on Tue Aug 01, 2017 6:58 am

Hi Everyone

Hope you can help

I attended a system to install a hub to connect the inverter and 60amp charge controller to the mate for information expansion from the charge controller

After connection of the two devices and the mate to the hub I get repeated comm errors

I used the cables supplied with the hub so genuine outback ones. I even swapped them still the same.

So then I linked each device directly to the Mate individually no comm error

When I put the hub back the comm errors reappear

more information the Mate sees both the FX and the MX on repole no problem and reads each ok just this repeated comm error

can anyone shed some light. I have fitted many hubs to outback systems with no issues

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Re: Mate and hub 4 comm issue

Postby Mike Curran on Tue Aug 01, 2017 5:55 pm

From the Hub4/10 manual: "When you get the comm error screen, choose "view debug" which takes you to a screen that lists all ports and accumulated errors. Any port experiencing errors can be found by the error count after the port number. Pressing any key takes you to the SETUP/MATE/COMM screen, which allows the error counts to be reset using the RSET button.... Use the info on the debug screen to locate the problem device."

Believe it or not, one of your cat5 cables could be bad. I got a bad one from Outback with my Hub10, but it didn't give a comm error, the connected device just wasn't detected. Fortunately the Hub10 comes with a LOT of cat5 cables :smile: .

If you have a spare HUB lying around you could swap it into place - that could help you eliminate the original hub as the source of the problem.
Mike Curran
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Re: Mate and hub 4 comm issue

Postby theonlymisteron on Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:30 am

Ok Mike

Thanks for the reply I will give it a go tomorrow and get a screenshot.

The only cable I didn't replace was the one to the inverter but it's strange that a direct link to the Mate causes no comm error

I'll post tomorrow thanks for your help so far

Regards Roy
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