Stuck Relay?

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Stuck Relay?

Postby DHB on Sun May 29, 2011 10:51 am

I have an Outback power system with a main inverter and a slave. A couple of days ago the backup generator was running (I am not connected to a power grid system) charging batteries when I noticed the AC In light was flashing on the Mate while, at the same time, the INV light was on. I shut the generator down but found the electrical outlet in my generator shed, which only operates when the generator is running was still operational. On checking my inverters I found that the Battery OK light, and all three Status lights were on with the status error light periodically going off and then coming on again. This was the case with both inverters. Whenever I started the generator the AC In light on the Mate would flash while the INV light was on but there was no indicator of an AC charge being registered. The Mate showed communication errors but the Status error and warning menus showed no problems.

Even with the AC in breakers turned off, the slave inverter continued to indicate AC In.

A technician came to investigate the problem and found that, only by disconnecting the slave could we charge the battery system with the gen set.

Can you give us any insight into the problem? Do we have a tripped or stuck relay in the Slave or a circuit board problem?
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