Trying to help a friend.

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Trying to help a friend.

Postby TOSHA on Mon May 09, 2011 12:03 pm

Hello all. I am completely and idiot when it comes to any of this stuff BUT... We have some friends that have an outback system on their remote cabin here in Tennessee. The couple have had a terrible misfortune with the husband developing terminal brain cancer. They are not able to visit the cabin and we are keeping a check on things for them. I am completely confused about the solar system.. I need help. Please tell me what information to gather about the system in order to get the best responses from this forum. We were out there yesterday 5-8-2011 and the inside meter which says The Tri-metric 2020 was reading 51% charged. The codes flashing were chf, che and blo: The information I wrote down is The Tri-Metric 2020, Bogart Engineering, outback power system. There was also another type of controller but it was not on or showing any reading. it was an oval shaped deal with several buttons on it.

sorry for being so vague, just let me know what else I need to look for.

Also, when I checked the system outside, the inverters?? (2) had no lights on, blinking or otherwise and the breakers were all on except two...I think the two that were off were something like xj1260 and there is a panel that says bypass or normal and it was down or off I guess. Any help would be great, we are trying to save the batteries for them, do we just need to disconnect the entire system or try and keep it going? we are also not able to get there but every few weeks and it's difficult to monitor from afar.

thanks in advance..
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Re: Trying to help a friend.

Postby Kent Osterberg on Mon May 09, 2011 2:48 pm


The 51% number and flashing blo light on the Trimetric indicate a low battery. The inverter system may have shut down due to a low battery condition. But the inverter system may have been intentionally shut down as part of the normal procedure for leaving the cabin. Where the two breakers that where off ones with large handles on the right side of the inverters?

Is there an electric refrigerator? A generator? Wind? Hydro? Anything else to charge the batteries?

You mentioned a solar system so there must be a charge controller near the inverters. Can you describe it?

The Trimetric has a select button that will change the display from volts to amps to % Charge to blank screen and then start over. The volts and amps values would be useful information. A photo of the inverter system would be useful to see as well.

How long has it been since someone did any battery maintenance?
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