Please Help ! I am trying to Connect Many Batteries

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Please Help ! I am trying to Connect Many Batteries

Postby OffgridRalph on Tue Oct 20, 2009 7:33 pm

Hi there I have these 16 12V CONCORDE AGM Batteries, and not much else including not a lot of money - though I have to go OFFGrid in about a month. Any Help, or references would help me tremendously

I have No Solar Panels or Large Inverter yet, I do have a 1500Watt 12 V Samlex Pure Sine Wave Inverter, and also do have a 120 V 33amp Cummins Onan 4000 watt 120v (only) Microquiet RV Generator and a 4200 Watt, ( 5200 Surge ) 120/240 V Portable Generac Generator to Recharge
them with three 120 V 12 Car Battery chargers with AGM as one Setting.

I am trying to figure out the Best way to:

0) How to best physically Interconnect them all -and allow for their maintenance: Just huge honking wires directly connected to each other, Junction Boxes, Massive Current Switches ( the 1500 Watt Inverter alone on 12v could draw over 125Amps ! ) , Home built electronics, Store bought electronics ???

1) How to best electrically Interconnect them: All 16 X 12 V batteries in Parallel, All in Series = 16 X 12v = 192V, 4 Parallel banks of 4 X 12 V =48V in parallel, Separate Banks of 4 X 12 -48V with no Parallel banking ??
same for 24V .... Others
2) As I vary Interconnects in 1) , How to best Invert the Final Dc Battery Voltage to 120 VAC, or even 240 VAC, how to also best Charge the Batteries Obviously the 12 V charger rapidly falls away as we move beyond 12V systems replaced by ??
3) Any other Ideas ??
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Re: Please Help ! I am trying to Connect Many Batteries

Postby Charles D on Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:30 pm

If all you have is a 12v inverter, that answers your question on how to wire your batteries. 12v. Then when you get a larger inverter you may need to change the Voltage to match your new one.

I am hoping not having PV panels and charge controller and a more impressive inverter is only temporary.

I would probably do something like this..

Run a genset for a short time each day to charge the batteries and do whatever you need to do that actually uses much electricity. Then with gen off use as little as possible till you get a more proper setup.

If you use the genset to only charge the batteries, and have to run it very much to do this. then use the power from inverter. You will discover very fast that will be a very inefficient way of doing things. You will shortly spend more money in fuel than you would pay for a few panels and inverter. So when gen is running take advantage of it to get the most out of the fuel burned.

You have a lot of diff questions, I would suggest to read more on example systems. Also youtube has quite a few videos that are educational on the subject. But beware there are many poorly done DIY systems that I would not duplicate :)

I realize this is probably not much help, but with no replies and over 100 views I thought I would try to throw something out there :)

If you have any more specific question fire away. I think many people get overwhelmed if there are too many questions at once.
Charles D
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Re: Please Help ! I am trying to Connect Many Batteries

Postby Justme on Fri Apr 29, 2011 3:17 am

You would be much better of with a 24 or 48v system but until you change the inverter that you have you need to stick with 12v.

Check THIS site for details of how to balance the load across all the batteries evenly.
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My RE system: 15 x 80 watt panels (1200w)
1 x FX80 controller
6 x 2v cells 1550ah @ 5c
1 x 200watt wind turbine
3000w 120amp 12v inverter charger

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