Stacked 8048 Radians, Mult Gens & Big Solar.. Need Guidance!

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Stacked 8048 Radians, Mult Gens & Big Solar.. Need Guidance!

Postby AltPowerRob on Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:27 am

I'm getting ready to tackle a BIG removal, redesign, and relocation project consisting of (2) 8048 radians, (2) Gens, (6) arrays/controllers & (2) 48V battery strings. The system is functional, is about 4 yrs. old, but has been messed with by multiple companies, and has multiple issues. It's in a bad location (venting, space, heat, etc..) & is needing to be moved to a dedicated power room (newly built for this application :) ).. I have the existing system to reference, but it is a "hacked up mess" and we want to do this rebuild the right way! We've installed several OB systems from scratch & have rebuilt a few as well, but not with this many Radians, and Charge Controllers coming in, etc..... Can someone please provide some reference one-lines, pics, and/or wiring/management guidance on how best to bring this all together nicely, especially w/ re: to: GSLC qty./use, DC buss/brkrs, (6) CC's coming in to (2) radians? balance? & (2) 48V battery strings into (2) seper. Radians (each w/ 2 DC breakers)? how best? .. Thanks for any insight!
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