Need help converting to High Voltage Systems

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Need help converting to High Voltage Systems

Post by mmstuart » Tue Sep 13, 2005 7:07 pm

I have the old Siemens Earth Safe System that used the AES GC-1000 and my inverters are having problems so I would like to go to a Sunny Boy. I really don't want to rewire and am hoping the combiner will do the trick.

I have 8 Arrays wired of 4 - Siemens SP75 which output about 300 Watts at 60-68 volts DC. Each array has 14 gage wire that runs to the inverters.

I am hoping that the Combiner will allow me to put these arrays in servers so that I get 480 to 544 volts which I can then feed into a Sunny Boy.

Will this work with this product and what types of fuses will I need. Thanks for anyones help.

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