DC rated DIN breakers in Flex

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DC rated DIN breakers in Flex

Post by CaminoOffGrid » Sat Dec 09, 2006 10:00 pm

While I'm busy embarrassing myself in another thread, I thought I might try some more-

I'm a big fan of DIN rail mount breakers. So...

The AC and DC flex enclosures are essentially the same, but only the AC side uses DIN breakers. Would it be possible/permissable/certified (three questions) to use two FW500-AC or FW1000-AC enclosures for both the AC and DC sides of an installation? Since the case appears to the the same and the difference seems to be the front panel and internals, it would seem to be OK and all the knockouts would be where required. Also, the non-differentiated breaker arrangement of the AC enclosures is almost always better in the long run- if you have the space, it fits!

I admit that not being able source DC rated DIN breakers from Outback is an issue (Really- I like single source solutions- if nothing else better from the support standpoint!).

So, any thoughts?


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