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Postby BatteryGuy on Wed May 15, 2019 8:02 am

Pretty Simple hardware setup (all exterior to the SkyBox wiring shown).. You'll need to have a MTS (manual transfer switch or often called double-throw double-pole) in-between the Utility Interconnect & the SkyBox(SB)/Backed-Up Loads Panel (BULP).. The Utility will be the MTS' "line in" & then you'll have (2) "loads out"; (1) to the "Grid-In" on the SB, and the other to a back-fed breaker in the BULP.. NOTE: this back-fed breaker will need to be immediately adjacent(or under) the MCB in the BULP. You will need to have it "interlocked" w/ the MCB, so that the BULP can only be fed from either the SB's AC BULP Out or from this New MTS... So 99% of the time you'll have this New MTS switched (say UP) to the SB as a Load (which goes into the SB's Grid-In Connection)... and then the SB feeds out to the BULP's MCB ..., but when you have a SB failure/issue & need to route your Utility directly into the BULP, you'll then switch the new MTS (say down), which will feed directly to the added back-fed breaker in the BULP, which will then need to be manually "interlocked" to turn on (feed into the buss) & that way your MCB will be turned off (which forces you to not be able to have 2 sources simulataneously hitting your BULP buss... Make Sense?... Find out your BULP's Nameplate Data & go onto & match-up the right manual interlock setup for your specific panel needs... then get yourself a quality DPDT MTS.. You may need to qualify all this via a revised one-line w/ your Utility, as the DPDT MTS will now be in-line between your SB & the PV injection connection and/or a REC Meter before interactive with the Utility.... Good Luck!!

thanks! do you know if i would still be able to implement a back up generator that would support all loads during a grid outage? Peak load is greater than 5kW so I'm not sure if having the skybox manage it all is the best option as I would prefer to supply the whole house.
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Re: SkyBox Functional Q's

Postby AltPowerRob on Wed May 15, 2019 7:52 pm


Yes - You would have several options to handle a grid-outage all-loads backup.. That's where a solution like the SkyBox or the Radian can really shine for you, but size does matter! :)

1. You can parallel multiple SB's , up to 6! They now have the firmware available to do this, but take warning!.. this is new 1st-round technology / solution for OB w/ the SkyBox.. they'll help you work through this.. You would then have enough battery (probably split-up between multiple SB's) to handle your largest simultaneous load.. Your loads' panel(s) will have to be setup / split-up in 5KW increments as that's the max AC pass-through that SB can handle..

2. If you're wanting to stick w/ a single SB w/ Batteries for a "critical loads panel", and have the remainder of your larger loads in a Main Service Panel, ahead of the SB, then you'll have to implement either an MTS or ATS w/ a Gen ahead of the Main Service Panel & then utilize the Utility:BULP panel MTS that I described in a previous response (this is so that the SB doesn't try to interconnect w/ the Gen & push-back onto it while the Gen becomes your "utility" )...

3. You can make this as complicated or as simple as your needs require.. the SB is simply a nice Automatic Tool that can take in PV & Run BULP off of batteries and/or a Gen for isolated loads.. it just has this 5KW AC loads limitation... unless you start to parallel, etc..

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