Strange Inverter Jump at Midnight

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Strange Inverter Jump at Midnight

Postby WriCoaFarm on Sat Dec 23, 2017 7:52 am

I just upgraded from an fp1 to an fp2 and have been getting a spike in the Optics Graph at midnight. The problem is there is no corresponding jump in battery use. Because I have just made an upgrade I have configured the array so that the only thing on my system at this time is my well. I am running each breaker alone for a week so that I can then get an average usage of each breaker. So having said the above is there anything that an inverter does at midnight that would cause the spike or is this some sort of issue with the Mate3. This spike did not happen before I upgraded to the fp2.
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Outback FP 2 With Mate3, Hub10, Flexnet DC,2 FM80, 2 VFX3648, 24 Canadian Solar 270W panels, 32 GPL-4CT 6 Volt 220 AH Lifeline AGM Batteries

The solar panels connect to a Midnight MNPV12 & 16 Combiner box with 3 panels in series and connected to the FM80 in parallel.

The batteries are set up with 8 batteries in series and connected in parallel to the VFX3648.

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