OpticsRE after replacing Mate3 with Mate3s

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OpticsRE after replacing Mate3 with Mate3s

Postby raysun on Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:39 am

I received a Mate3s to replace a balky Mate3 in my Flexpower One panel. After the replacement, I needed to reconfigure OpticsRE - essentially setting up my site again (and losing all historical data in the process.)

After the replacement two issues exist:
1) My OpticsRE profile periodically drops my inverter (FX3048T) from the device map, requiring me to go back into the settings and reselect it from a drop-down list box. While the inverter is not on the device map, OpticsRE does not collect data, leaving a gaping hole in the reports.
2) When attempting to update component parameters via the device map page, OpticsRE reports "Pending write instructions in queue:1" and never updates the parameter. The only way I have been able to clear this is to power cycle the Mare3s. This issue existed before the Mate3/Mate3s swap, so there must be another actor involved.
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