Optics battery voltage readings - which are temp comp'd?

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Optics battery voltage readings - which are temp comp'd?

Postby Mike Curran on Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:07 am

I have 6 devices in my system (counting two inverters), each reporting various battery voltages in OpticsRE's device map status screens. I'm wondering which readings are temperature compensated, and which are not. The various readings are labelled as follows:

Mate3: System battery voltage
Inverters: Battery voltage AND temperature compensated battery voltage (two different readings)
FlexnetDC: Battery voltage
MX60: Battery voltage
FM80: Battery voltage

I strongly suspect (hope, even - I'm running out of calibration room :smile:) that the "battery voltages" for all but the inverters are temperature compensated, since they're all pretty close to the inverters' "temperature compensated" value. Just hoping for someone to confirm my suspicions. Thanks in advance!
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