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Mate3 Connectivity Survey

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:19 pm
by Bryce Millet

As part of our ongoing investigation into Mate 3 connectivity issues, we would appreciate if community members experiencing connectivity problems would be willing to provide extra details about their setup.

If you are not comfortable posting personal information to this thread, please create a new UserVoice ticket through the feedback widget on the bottom left hand side of that starts with the sentence ÔÇ£Response to Mate3 connectivity questionnaire:ÔÇØ on the first line, and then paste the rest of the information there.

We may contact you for further details. Thank you for your participation.

Mate3 Connectivity Survey

Internet Connection to Mate3 Network:
ÔÇó Internet Service Provider name
ÔÇó Connection type (e.g., cable, dialup, DSL, FiOS, etc.).
ÔÇó Speed (download and upload).

Router Information:
ÔÇó Manufacturer
ÔÇó Model number
ÔÇó If any custom setup was done, please include (excluding passwords, of course). E.G. Custom settings, custom router firmware.

ÔÇó Number of devices on the same Ethernet network that hosts the Mate3.
ÔÇó Manufacturer and model number of each device
ÔÇó Network speed (e.g., 10/100Mbps Wireless 802.11a, 802.11g, 802,11n, etc.).

Outback Devices:
ÔÇó Number of devices on the HUB network connected to the Mate3.
ÔÇó Model number of each device,

System Diagram:
ÔÇó System configuration. Does not need to be fancy, just identify devices, cables, cable lengths, maybe IP addresses. Hand-drawn then photographed by a good phone camera or scanned would probably work fine.

Custom Configuration Settings
ÔÇó Any configuration settings that are not part of standard setup.
ÔÇó Is Auto Reboot enabled? What is the reset interval configured as?

Facility Characteristics:
ÔÇó Where is the Mate3 installed?
ÔÇó What is the temperature and humidity range?
ÔÇó Is the Mate3 exposed to direct sunlight or other heat sources?
ÔÇó Are there sources of electrical noise nearby, or along the run of a communication cable?
ÔÇó How long are the cables? Where did the cable come from?
ÔÇó Any chance of a photo of the Mate3 in situ?

Mate3 characteristics:
ÔÇó Mate3 or Mate3S?
ÔÇó Firmware Version.
ÔÇó Do you use OPTICS RE? If you do not use OPTICS RE, is the feature disabled in the Mate3 menus?
ÔÇó Do you use the onboard webpage of the Mate3? If your system can't connect to OPTICS does the onboard page still work as expected?
ÔÇó Do you use the auto reboot feature? What is the interval set to?
ÔÇó Have you experienced better connectivity with other firmware versions? Worse connectivity?
ÔÇó Provide a detailed description of your connectivity experience if possible. (Some questions to think about while answering this: How often does the Mate3 stay connected? Do you disconnect and reconnect frequently? Does the system need to be power cycled for it to reconnect or does it eventually reconnect on its own?)

Re: Mate3 Connectivity Survey

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:58 pm
by sodamo
Thanks Bryce, the more I read, the wider my smile as I wondered how long it would take me to document my system and provide you the info.
Just for starters I have had 2 ISP's since being on OpticsRE and one of those ISPs likely changed sources at least once and had several other configuration changes beyond my control. Currently I'm on AT&T 4g cellular connection, since March this year. That one alone can vary in speed from over 50 Mbps to 1 or 2 Mbps DL, UL varies as well. My old ISP was more consistently slow, near 5-10 average.
I myself have used 3 or 4 different brand routers, Apple, Eeros, MOFI, and God only knows how many different configurations. Old stuff, new stuff, mixed. Whenever I have a complaint with something else, say my Davis Wx station, they always blame it on being off grid and a power issue, but hey, you are OB so that's not going to happen. LOL
I think this is my 3rd Mate 3 on OpticsRE .
My only consistency - random Mate3/OpticsRE connectivity issues irrespective of all above. What that means is whatever changes imposed locally still resulted in connectivity issues. And no change resulted in a more stable connection. Of course, I'm only referring to those times I had Mate3/ OpticsRE issues while the rest of my system was fully functional. In other words, anytime I had a local problem, I didn't view that as a Mate3/OpticsRE issue. Actually, never looked, just assumed it was either up or down but related to local situation.

As to your last bullet - gosh I wish I could answer that. I wish there was that kind of consistency or predictability. I've gone weeks without a known issue and had days of multiple resets. Days where it self corrects, others that require pulling the plug.

Best of luck - we need help.

Re: Mate3 Connectivity Survey

Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:05 pm
by petertearai
had the optics re conected for some months now . only seen one gap in data ( there may have been more but not seen by me ) .
When the data stoped i had my Makita 18 lithium charger operating near the router and a 20 year plus panasonic vacume running near it . Will tray to reproduce nxt time im there

Re: Mate3 Connectivity Survey

Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:29 pm
by SwDoctor
2years so far...
Only had 1 issue where I had to unplug the cat5 between mate3 and hub10 to reset connectivity.
It was after a storm, but being off grid and hundreds of worse storms that did nothing- that may be irrelevant.
I "did have" - up until that day of the lockup (5mos from install) use the data logging to SD card feature.
(I simply popped out the SD card, realizing I did not need that function)

System is LAN only - no ISP. (static IP)
(seriously off grid- no ISP)

100% up-time otherwise.

Automation PC "POLLS & Parses" data from the mate3 web-server at least every 5 mins. So I would know if and when a comms fault occurred.