Shunt data display enhancement request

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Shunt data display enhancement request

Postby Kiwi on Mon Jan 09, 2017 7:52 pm

Have just installed a new OB system (replacing a Mate2 based system that died in a fire) including Mate3 and hooked it up to OpticsRE. All is working well and I think it is fantastic how I can see the data that is currently available. But I do have a feature request ...
Would it be possible to have a graphic on the dashboard showing the shunt data as well as (or instead of) the current graphic displaying solar/gen and grid tie.
The reason being I do not have grid tie so that part of the graphic is no good to me. But I do have a wind turbine and the only way I can get wind data is from the shunt. So having the (reasonably) up to the minute shunt data displayed on the dashboard would be really useful.
Currently, if I want to see how the turbine is doing I have to go to the dashboard, select battery and then select the shunt that records the turbine. But this data is averaged out for the last hour, not per data upload to OpticsRE.

Also, I noticed that on the Battery graph on the dashboard, it only seems to include charging data from the charge controller in the 'to battery' total. Having this total include data from the shunts, rather than from the CC I think would be more useful.

Hope that makes sense.
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