System changes, misc and AGS

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System changes, misc and AGS

Postby JRHill on Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:59 pm

Last spring I went through a change in sat/internet providers which changed all the addresses. During that previous time I was using my WattPlot Pro subscription due to the connection issues with Optics. Afterward this spring, well, I was then out of the house so minimal computer time. So nothing worked afterward. A few days ago I updated the M3 firmware and yesterday reconfigured for OpticsRE. Hey, Outback folks, good work! The connection works great! OpticsRE works!

Andrew, I still love ya and WattPlot. I wish that both could be used simultaneously and for different reasons. A bit later I'll reconfigure WattPlot's net config and update as necessary.

Here is the point of this post: To thank those who have devoted a BUNCH of hours into making things better. Yeah, its a bit geeky. But I esp. enjoy seeing stuff mature.


Oh, related to AGS, from OpticsRE is started w/in 15 sec and took a few min. to update locally. Pretty cool.

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