New EnergyCell 200PLR Batteries

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New EnergyCell 200PLR Batteries

Postby Jorge Guzman on Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:08 am

We are exited to introduce a new battery addition to our energy storage portfolio. The EnergyCell 200PLR (Pure Lead Runtime)

EnergyCell PLR batteries are designed for residential, grid-tied backup or off-grid renewable energy power demands, pure lead extends the life of the battery versus traditional VRLA and allows for increased float capability and maximizes runtime for backup applications.

200PLR Offering:

• High Charge Rate Acceptance - 200A
• Long Shelf Life - 18 months @ 25c
• Long Float life - up to 15 years
• 1500 Cycles @ 50% DoD
• Higher Temperature Tolerances
• 17% Less expensive than EnergyCell 220GH
• 3 year full replacement warranty

In stock - Available now!

For more information visit: ... gycell-plr
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