A place where users can meetup with other FlexPower One users and can find support for one another. A great place for people who have not purchased the FlexPower One yet to look up information.
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My RE system: Off grid house in the southern french Alps 1740m above sea
level. Commissioned 1st Jul 2012.

4 Bosch 245Wp Panels, 12 OPzS 2V 1 220Ah batteries
Management by OutbackPower: FP1-34 including:
FlexMax 80 Charger, GVFX3024E Converter-charger,
FlexNet DC, Hub, Mate3.

Monitoring every 3 hours over Internet (lsdx.eu/GPV_ZSDX)
by 3G managed by a local microcomputer and router.
Location: Serre-Chevalier, France


Post by SEYLIONE » Wed Jan 28, 2015 9:00 am

Hi (Good morning|Evening whatever is suitable ans of cours a Hip Happ Happy New Year),

Up in the southern french alps, .98kWp, 1220Ah 24V Batts, all managed with FP1-34 including Mate3.
This a minimum: with a "geometric" yield of 2.4kWh/day and a "climatic" efficiency of 40% at Xmas time I only
get 1kWh/day, not enough as I may have spells of 10 sunless days (hence my high level of batts and a good GEN).
Monitoring is done by getting (stealing?) some data from Mate3 (every 3 hours to save power), selecting what I need
with a micro-computer and sending everything by 3G to lsdx.eu/GPV_ZSDX for me|you to view

1. I intend to upgrade to 2 ou 3 kWp with individual mppt converters (shadows) are these for sale at OutBack?
can the be combined with GPV?
2. Excess power should be used to heat water. I tried AUX switches on SOC, and batt voltage but nevec managed
any clear result from Flex, GPV, Flexnet or Mate, which seem to fight against each other. any clear tutorial?
3. Any better monitoring device?
4. Any cheap device to monitor the incoming radiation or maximum possible daily production? As for now, I measure the volts
at the ends of a resistor fed by an auxiliary panel in the same position as my main panels. W=V┬▓/R, Sum(W) = Wh/day. Any possible
integration into a managing system?
Thanks from France!

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