Accessories to consider in setting up a Flex Power 1

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Accessories to consider in setting up a Flex Power 1

Postby Surfpath on Fri Oct 12, 2012 9:12 am

It seems like the Flexpower 1 is intended to be a userfriendly, system inclusive package. Nonethless there are always other materials needed to set up a system like this. I just want to make sure I get the accessories right because I can only ship stuff once to me (I live on a remote island, you don't want to even think of sending multiple shipments). Although some of these accessories will be system specific, perhaps a list like this will be helpful to other new FP users. I'm hoping a few current FP users or moderators would kindly check this final bill of materials for my (already purchased) FP1-6. Thanks!

Note, I started this dialog on the AW&S forum, but I believe there are more FP users who will see this dialog here on Outback. ... rid-system

Expected final shopping list:
•A combiner box like the Outback flexware Combiner box (, or the Midnite MNPV6
•At least three 150v breakers, like this one for the MVPV4:
•Three MC4 cable extensions (10AWG wire) to connect the panels on the roof to the combiner box.
•A dozen or so MC4 connectors for both the combiner box and to replace the Tyco connectors
•MC4 Crimping tool
•Lightening arrestor for the combiner box (do I need another one?)

Other items that have been recommended to me:
•Battery cable to go between the batteries (seven lengths of 20 inch 2/0 Black Series Cable, 3/8 terminals)
•Six feet of #2/0 GAUGE Multi Strand 105 Primary Cable (BLACK) and six feet of #2 GAUGE R Multi Strand 105 Primary Cable (RED) – aside: I presume this is to connect the controller to the batteries, since from the FP1-6 photo the unit comes with cable to go from the batteries to the inverter [b/].
•MagnaLug Cable Eye [b](what’s that?)

•HEAT SHRINK 3/4" Heat Shrink (sounds OK).

Anything else?
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