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My RE system: Off grid house in the southern french Alps 1740m above sea
level. Commissioned 1st Jul 2012.

4 Bosch 245Wp Panels, 12 OPzS 2V 1 220Ah batteries
Management by OutbackPower: FP1-34 including:
FlexMax 80 Charger, GVFX3024E Converter-charger,
FlexNet DC, Hub, Mate3.

Monitoring every 3 hours over Internet (
by 3G managed by a local microcomputer and router.
Location: Serre-Chevalier, France

Capture data stream

Post by SEYLIONE » Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:20 am

Hi everybody,
at 5000ft in the southern french Alps, my offgrid 1kWp system is managed by OB with Mate3.
Monitoring is organized with a micro computer (Raspberry).
It reads every hour "" then extract kWhIN, kWhOut, SOC, BattV and BattT
quite enough for a proper monitoring and send by 3G that data once a day to my web page which I can read when I want.
look at and click a day before Oct 10th 2016 as the Mate3 communication does not reconnect when I power the router on.
So I will try AXS.

Capturing at will the data stream from AXS is not documented, and I do not want to use a full fledge program through a 3G network.
How do you do that?

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