AXS Port Not reading Block 2 "Outback System Control"

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AXS Port Not reading Block 2 "Outback System Control"

Post by dewbie » Tue May 05, 2015 9:58 am


I have an AXS Port connected to the "1st Mate" input on an Outback Hub. I have an FW250 connected to slot 1 on the hub and a FLEXnet DC connected to slot 2 on the hub. I can connect to the AXS from my laptop and even change the IP address. I can read Blocks 0 and 1 (SunSpec Common Model Block and OutBack Gateway) but when I get to Block 2 (OutBack System Control) the program only reads the fist 10 or so fields before crashing. I am using the AXP Port Development Package 99, build under Visual Studio 2010. I did have to declare one of the variables in "outback.c" that was left out. On line 3196 of outback.c it reads "temp_clock = &clock_tm;" but temp_clock was never defined, I defined it as "struct tm *temp_clock" on line 3174, just below "struct tm clock_tm;"

I can also read blocks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 and it will not crash. However, I do get an error if I read just Block 2. The error is "ERROR: Last Write Limit High" I can read the other blocks after I read block 2 but some of the fields are clearly corrupted. For some reason if I read only block 2 before reading all (giving the "a" command) the program lets me read all without crashing. The program will only crash if I "read all" before reading Block 2 individually.

The firmware on the AXS is 3.007.0 and the firmware on the hub is 1.0.0.

Is there another program available for the AXS Port? Thank you.

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Re: AXS Port Not reading Block 2 "Outback System Control"

Post by Sasquatch » Sun Jan 03, 2016 2:12 pm

Bump your firmware to 3.011 ...there is a lot missing from 3.007

I use this for troubleshooting Modbus
AXS Port SunSpec Map 3.011.xls
(253.5 KiB) Downloaded 423 times

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