controlling Radian inverter output via AXS

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controlling Radian inverter output via AXS

Post by jwgorman » Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:42 am


I understand that the AXS exposes (all?) the information about the different devices connected to the HUB4 or HUB10 device using the SunSpec XML-based API over ethernet. What I was wondering was: whether a user with access to the AXS box can "fade down" and "fade up" a Radian inverter's AC output using that API. If not modify the output of the inverter, could it shut the Radian output be shut down in an event-driven way using the AXS port? I mean event-driven as in: based on external logic and conditions outside the timers/thresholds on the inverter itself. We imagine that there will be times when for example an OpenADR DRAS server will want to issue a call/command to tell a grid-connect inverter to either turn on or off.

Thanks, John

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