Is OpticsRE as good as AXS port data to a building automation system?

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Is OpticsRE as good as AXS port data to a building automation system?

Post by controlsPuffer » Thu Sep 26, 2019 8:42 am

I posted some of this in the OpticsRE forumn but I also wanted to talk to people using AXS port for reading Modbus data into a building automation system.

I can setup an optics RE site AND/OR I can bring key data into an existing building automation system reading the desired Modbus registers, and display on graphics pages.

I have been tasked with putting a 10+ year old outback PV system online.
We have just purchased (2) AXS ports and (2) Mate3S devices. (there are more outback devices than will fit one one hub, so (2) hubs)

I would like to use the AXS ports if possible as I would also like to read certain data into the building automation system using Modbus.

Question1: Is the Optics RE solution fairly robust for my customer, such that if I spend significant $$/time setting it all up, will it need much support, or not be available for my customer's use 99+ % of the time?
If not, I might recommend just getting all the basic data out via Modbus with the AXS port and the building automation system instead.

Question2: Also, since there are 2 hubs, and therefore "2 systems" will it be confusing using OpticsRE, and maybe it will be better to control how the data is displayed myself via the building automation system?

thanks for any ideas!

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