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Radian 8048 Shuts off on surge

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:20 pm
by fredb
I have recently purchased a Radian GS8048A.
It works great until I have a surge load, such as the refrigerator or vacuum turning on. Then the inverter shuts off.
I know I am not going over the Wattage. My previous inverter had a surge of 5k and I never had any issues.
I have contacted the Outback dealer I purchased it from and they had no explanation.
I do not have a Mate yet. I have been told the inverter will run in a default mode with out it.
I am off grid and use only solar for power.

Has anyone experienced this with this inverter?

Re: Radian 8048 Shuts off on surge

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:55 pm
by petertearai
hi . I dont have a radian . But the only suggestion i have would be the voltage is dropping to the low voltage shut off. maybe watch the voltage on vacume start up .

Re: Radian 8048 Shuts off on surge

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 6:34 am
by Vic
Hi fredb, Welcome to the Forum.

We do know almost nothing of your system. What type and model number are your batteries?
Do you have multiple strings of batteries? What number of strings of batteries are on the system?
What is the Ah Capacity of the battery bank?

What is the total power of your solar array?
Assume that you are using Outback FM Charge Controllers (CC), which one/s and what number of CCs are on the system?

I have not looked at the Defaults for Absorb voltage, Absorb time, and Float voltage on the Radians, but, in general these Defaults are very cautious, and almost always need to be changed to fully-charge batteries.

Agree with peter, that it is most likely that the inverter is reaching Low Voltage Disconnect, and it is most likely that this is due to low State Of Charge (SOC) of the batteries.

Perhaps, this could also be from very cloudy conditions, or generally, loads that exceed the Solar power available.

There will be more questions, but some more data will help the conversation.

You probably DO need a Mate, even a borrowed one for now. As the Default charge settings will probably need to be changed.

Thanks for some more answers. Vic

Re: Radian 8048 Shuts off on surge

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 2:31 pm
The size of cables that go from battery bank to Radian can be a factor too. Make sure they are of adequate size.

Re: Radian 8048 Shuts off on surge

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:33 pm
by SwDoctor
6years so far on that inverter off grid solar only.
No issues.

But: i think your problem will be a bad battery or bad connection to the battery.
whereas the voltage drops enough to kick off the inverter when a load is present.
Mate3 would reveal this, but you can test for it by using a varying load, for example- start with a 100w load then measure the batteries, step up to a 300w load, repeat, etc.
If your battery (or cable) is faulted you will see it drop in voltage far more than it should.

Your batteries could be okay, and just be too "small" for the application. (not enough "amp hours")

My unit is operating with THREE forklift batteries (680ah each - x3!), and since I am heavy into automation I have engineered a triple "centerpoint" monitor that literally watches the midpoint of each battery in respect to the midpoints of each other battery, and anything other than zero volts indicates an imbalance, of course with allowances for aging and cable differences, the automation PC can predict battery faults LONG before one can be "felt" in real live operation. So far has triggered twice, replaced the two bad cells and no problems since. The automation PC also keeps up with AH in/out and waters the batteries automatically. It's like living on grid without any bills!

If your battery tests good, you may also consider that if your vacuum cleaner (for example) is the only load that triggers it, then it could be the faulty (shorted) cause.