Max Inverter kW Scaling to Meter Bar on Home Screen

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Max Inverter kW Scaling to Meter Bar on Home Screen

Postby suthers on Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:59 pm

Hi All,
The Max Inverter kW setting in System setting controls the scale of the meter bar for inverter output on the Mate3 home screen.
I want that meter bar to be showing 100% (ie full scale) when the inverter is outputting 2.4kW. However, if I set Max Inverter kW in system settings to 2.4kW, full scale on the meter doesn't occur till a bit over 3kW.
It appears there is a scaling factor being applied to the Max Inverter kW figure to produce the actual meter bar scale.
Through trial & error it seems that inputting a Max Inverter Power setting of around 1.3kW results in the meter bar being at full scale at about 2.4kW, but I'd like to do this precisely rather that trial & error.
What is the actual conversion used internally in the Mate3 to convert the Max Inverter kW setting to the meter bar scale?
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