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MATE3 Modbus update

Postby intellact on Sat Aug 19, 2017 6:02 pm

Hi all:

Under 003.015.005, my MATE3 Modbus stability has improved greatly. It is not *always* able to connect (and does drop its Modbus connection occasionally), but a little warm-reboot routine seems to have it up and running again quite quickly. with out any external intervention.

I am very disappointed that the MATE3 FTP still is unable to deliver - not even a directory of files. :sad: FTP is a HUGELY important feature for OutBack clients monitoring their system remotely who want to process their own data, or don't want an internet connection running 24/7, (or are having serious OPTICSre issues).

You may have noted in other threads that the MATE3 and AXS Port clock logic has been giving me trouble. ](*,) The biggest issue is that they both like to change their clock hours when you reboot them or even just unplug the network cable and plug it back in! :shock:

The problem seems to be strongly related to the Time Server function being Enabled or Disabled. The problem with the MATE3 specifically is that any changes to the Time Server setting or Clock settings done via Modbus are NOT reflected on the MATE3 display, even though the internal settings appear to have changed. (And it is the MATE3 display settings that appear to take precedence when it comes to the bizarre clock behavior noted above.)

It seems clear that the MATE3 stores the clock time and Time Server settings TWICE, and the old adage of a person with two watches never knowing what time it is certainly applies here. :roll: It's been a nightmare.

:?: Anyone else using Modbus and experiencing clock issues? :?:
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