Any WattPlot opinions?

Mate 3 communication device for Outback Power

Any WattPlot opinions?

Postby mikejrod on Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:48 pm

Any opinions on using WattPlott to control/automatize Mate3 actions? I've had little luck getting the Mate3 to start and stop selling without manually changing settings and connecting to the grid. Has anyone used WattPlot successfully? If so, what connection are you using to a computer and does it work on Windows 10?
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Re: Any WattPlot opinions?

Postby JRHill on Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:35 am

At the current time I have no need to monitor remotely but ...

I purchased WattPlot over 5 years ago when my system was 1st placed in service as I wanted a way to store history. I could do this via the Mate DB9 connector to a ThinkPad/docking station. All worked great until the ThinkPad died and the unit was obsolete. The timing of this coincided with OpticsRE coming on the scene and, since laptops don't have serial ports anymore and I haven't had much success with DB9 to USB converters, I purchased a Mate3. Storing history was solved with OpticsRE. That worked great too, for a while. So now I doing fine again with WattPlot back in place at the latest version and upgraded it to Pro. I have it running on a little Windows 10 tablet in TCP/IP server mode and have VisualMate watching it. If I need any additional detail from what I see from VisualMate I wake up the tablet. The set-up works great for me.

But for your use in monitoring and controlling remotely I would suggest using the AXS port option with WattPlot. Along with the standard command set that can control the system, the ability to write/define your own conditional triggers and notifications is a huge plus. I plan on doing this in the future or as soon as I may need to monitor/control remotely. To me, the AXS port is the best and most comprehensive solution.

One last point, I have always sought to have the system as simple a possible in the event that I was not available at the house, so someone else could do what was needed. I've never accomplished that task. I think the AXS port for remote access will solve this.

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Re: Any WattPlot opinions?

Postby ianMc on Sat Mar 25, 2017 11:03 pm

Hi Jim

1. Can the Axs Port be used with the Mate3 or do you have to make an election to use one or the other.
2. How reliable is the AXS port OpticsRE connection?


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Re: Any WattPlot opinions?

Postby intellact on Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:32 pm

ianMc wrote:1. Can the Axs Port be used with the Mate3 or do you have to make an election to use one or the other.

It's one or the other. You can only have the HUB connected into one device, so you have to choose between the AXS Port or the MATE3.

Actually, there's no real choice in my opinion. The AXS Port Modbus works. :smile: I have not been able to say the same of the MATE3 Modbus in the latest firmwares, as you will know if you follow my posts on this forum. There may be some setting combination which allows the connection to say up for longer than a minute, but I haven't found it yet. Preliminary findings seem to indicate that the various MATE3 communication protocols are interfering with one another. :sad:

ianMc wrote:2. How reliable is the AXS port OpticsRE connection?

Good question - never tried it. :-k But I can tell you that the AXS Port's Modbus is rock solid - never had an issue.

Many WattPlot users are awaiting word on WattPlot's Modbus support, as well as an update to the manuals. The good news is that the current versions of all WattPlot tools do support the Modbus protocol. \:D/ The bad news is that we can't recommend it on the MATE3 - it is just too unreliable, with long bouts of dead air.

On a more positive note, we have several major developments in the works, including an internal change to a later version of .NET (meaning increased support of the newer Windows technologies), AND some very cool new tools. :cool:

Watch this forum for more announcements! :grin:
Andrew Welch, creator of WattPlot
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