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Re: mate 3 firmware 3.15.003

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:24 pm
by bluespur
Also just reset all my network devices (just in case), no change, and before you ask, I am not running any local firewall on my routers, and in any case I would not expect that to implicated as changing the IE comparability mode setting remedied for IE.

Re: mate 3 firmware 3.15.003

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:36 pm
by larrywa
bluespur wrote:Hi David,
Unfortunately no, my mate3 is not accessible from the real world, with no ability to secure the login that would seem to me to be folly.
Just tried android chrome, same issue, please wait while loading configuration.
You can set up port forwarding in most routers less than 10 years old.

You assign a port number for the outside to be converted to a port and IP address inside your LAN that will get to your Mate3 IP address.
Then you tell OB what your ISP IP address is, the port number you have assigned (use 4000-9999) and your Mate3 password and let them have their way with it.


When they are done you shut off the port forwarding firewall hole and change the password.

Re: mate 3 firmware 3.15.003

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 1:53 pm
by bluespur
Mate3 Password? Have I missed something?

Re: mate 3 firmware 3.15.003

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 9:41 am
by David LeBow
larrywa wrote:Just upgraded to v3.015.003.
First time I heard any news from OpticsRE when I logged in and noticed the change at the top of the webpage.
The release was uploaded to the website last week. We (OpticsRE team) were waiting to "promote it" until reports of some initial issues were clarified. That's still in process.
bluespur wrote:Unfortunately no, my mate3 is not accessible from the real world, with no ability to secure the login that would seem to me to be folly.
Understood. I noticed another user's Mate3 was accessible thanks to a dynamic DNS configuration - I just wanted to see if we could access yours directly, just in case. Since we can't get the problem to rear its ugly head on our systems here, we were hoping to get access to one where it does.

Re: mate 3 firmware 3.15.003

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2016 5:42 am
by Chrisserrant
Just an Update. After loading back 3.15.003 firmware and doing quite a few hard reboots by unplugging the cable from the hub to the mate. Leaving the mate unplugged for 10 mins at a time. The mate internal web has started to load and display properly in all browser (internet explorer, Chrome, Safari)

Re: mate 3 firmware 3.15.003

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 10:58 am
by intellact
David LeBow wrote:Since we can't get the problem to rear its ugly head on our systems here, we were hoping to get access to one where it does.
Actually, one of OutBack's testers did tell me that they couldn't get the MATE3 03.15.003 Modbus functionality working with the latest WattPlot release - the same one that Chris is using.

Chris's Modbus system is now working, based on the hard reboots that he mentions in his post above. More specifically:
Chrisserrant wrote:kept reloading firmware and let it sit powered down for 10 mins to 30mins at a time between about five flashes with 3.15.003. When the local web page started displaying as how it was supposed to in all browsers (Internet explorer and chrome also safari) [, then] tested modbus connection and started working. Through all the firmware flashes both processor and network was displaying 3.15.003. So not sure if the drain of power did something with ram memory clearing in the mate but worked for me.
I hope this is helpful. :smile:

Re: mate 3 firmware 3.15.003

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 3:52 pm
by systemsplanet
My local MATE3 Web url no longer works after the upgrade... chrome error
This site canÔÇÖt be reached refused to connect.
I verified the mate3 ip settings, but can't reach port 80...

Opticsre works great.

After upgrade, had to unplug everything from my hub and plugin different combos at a time before mate3 recognized the hub.and started working.

The gird tied to battery switches are happening much smoother than ever so I'm not going to touch it.
Prior to this upgrade, my computers ups would beep all the time.

I'm also running the MATE3 with the SSD unplugged since the MATE3 always corrupts the SSD and looses it's configuration causing the system to stop working.
I reported this July 2016 and support said "Unfortunately, this is a known issue at this time, but we have not yet found a resolution. "

Re: mate 3 firmware 3.15.003

Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:38 pm
by strath
David LeBow wrote:Hi Christopher,

We've had positive upgrade reports elsewhere, so I'd be interested in hearing more about your situation.

Could you please confirm that both processors have updated to 3.15.3?

It's possible that your MATE may have had an issue flashing both processors to the new version. To verify on the MATE 3 navigate to:
Press Lock
Select "System"
Select "Settings"
Select "Firmware Versions"
The firmware version for the MATE 3 and the ETHERNET processor, which are the first two fields, should both say 003.015.003. If they do not please attempt to reflash the firmware again by following the instructions in this video:

Also, please verify that the OPTICSre status on the PORT screen of the MATE 3 indicates that it is "Connected". 




Is it possible to have this video uploaded again, or to get access to this one?
I currently have a MATE3 with the ethernet on a separate firmware to the main processor.


Re: mate 3 firmware 3.15.003

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 5:12 am
by intellact
I thought it might be of interest to post some recent firmware findings.

A very active WattPlot tester in Greece has reported that WattPlot Monitor's Modbus protocol is working very well with MATE3 003.009.000. :smile: They are not experiencing any of the regular and frequent drops that have been found in 003.015.000 and 003.015.001. This is consistent with the finding that the Modbus drops occur at the same rate as the spurious UDP network data stream contamination that was introduced in 003.015.000. They seem to be undoubtedly related.

I predict that MATE3 003.011.000 will also do a better job with Modbus. (Unfortunately, I'm on the road, so I can't run any actual tests myself at present.) In light of this information, I hope to expand our WattPlot ACKcess field tests to MATE3 users in order to get a broader base of trials. :smile:

The down side is that FTP access to the MATE3 and AXS Port is reportedly only working as of 003.015.001, so, from a MATE3 Modbus/FTP standpoint you either get the long-awaited full remote access to data logs, or you get the reliable Modbus communications. :???: Since the AXS Port does not have the UDP Network difficulty, the Modbus has remained operational on that device, and it also benefits from the FTP fix in 003.015.001. =D>

If/when the Modbus/UDP issue is finally resolved, we should have a very potent combination - the ability to remotely view systems in real time (at minimal data transfer rates - at a user-defined frequency), AND the ability to selectively view any and all historical data, regardless of real-time monitoring (again, only downloading the necessary data, keeping transfer rates low). \:D/

Re: mate 3 firmware 3.15.003

Posted: Wed May 03, 2017 9:01 am
by larrywa
I have recently noticed that Outback has discontinued offerring v003.015.003 as a firmware upgrade. The latest version offered is v3.15.001.

Does this mean Outback has revoked the latest release in a sneaky fashion without announcing a mistake/bug was found, or was there an announcement made to warn users about the problems with yet another version of their firmware attempts?

I really regret spending another $16K on this Outback junk. I would be sure there are other brands that don't allow complete data failures to ride out for year, after year, without finally getting some consultant software company input to fix their failing attempts.

I mean really? How long do you think Outback can exist with this kind of reputation starting to follow them around? Outback was known, in the past, to be top of the line equipment and they are currently riding on the coat tails of that reputation. It will catch up with you, as other companies have experienced, from long lasting product failures. Look at the car industry. Now the big American leaders are suffering because they have competition. It's a long time for a generation of experience to die off. The car industry is a little bigger and more experienced than Outback is and it still happenned to them.

The worst is yet to come for Outback, unfortunately, as the news spreads around the world. First failure of my system, I am done resetting my Mate3.

Fix your damn Mate3 Ethenet connection healing!