Battery to PSDC wiring

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Battery to PSDC wiring

Post by DavidB » Wed Nov 01, 2006 12:22 pm

I wanted to verify that this is correct since I am installing my new batteries.. It is a 48V battery bank.

I am pairing 2/0 copper from the battery bank back to the PSDC. The positive cables will be connected via 2 lugs to the 175A breaker for the 3648 inverter. From the 175A breaker I need to connect a cable back to the DC positive bus bar. Question is what size should this cable be? DC positive bus bar can take up to 1/0.. and I have left over 1/0.. perhaps I should just use that.. :smile:

I originally thought with 3 lugs on the breaker I would have to deal with cables going in three orthogonal directions but it looks like I can simply flip one upside down so they can stack one on top of the other and only have 2 different directions..

Have to say again how nice it is to have studs on the breakers!

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Post by mvrck » Wed Nov 01, 2006 1:11 pm

The size should match the current requirements of the items connected the positive bus, like MX60s, etc...

If the 1/0 is the proper type like THWN-2 and you have a good lug for it to bolt onto the buss plate, then let 'er rip...

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