FM80 Stopped Charging until power cycled

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FM80 Stopped Charging until power cycled

Post by mikedowdell » Tue May 14, 2019 12:44 pm

I had an incident on 5/12 at 3:30pm where I just happened to look at OpticsRE to see how the system was doing on a such a nice sunny day and noticed I wasn't producing and the batteries were depleting rapidly. The event log shows the FM80 switched from Bulk Changing to Absorb Charging at 3:15pm, but when I looked at the FM80 around 3:30pm it was snoozing (this was not registered in the event log), even though it looked to have good voltage coming in. I shut off the PV array breaker and measured it but it seemed normal so I switched it back on... nothing changed. I cycled the battery input to the FM80 to reset it and it immediately began bulk charging, and has worked perfectly for the last 48hrs. I seem to recall reading on here others who have experienced this same thing but I cant seem to find any of those threads. Is this a known random occurrence or a precursor to another fault?

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Re: FM80 Stopped Charging until power cycled

Post by raysun » Tue May 14, 2019 2:34 pm

I had seen a couple instances of this a few months ago. I can't tell you the predicate event that caused the FM80 drop into Snooze mode, but it did require resetting to get it charging again.

Those two events have not repeated thankfully.

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