AGS not flipping FNDC relay?

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AGS not flipping FNDC relay?

Post by timmartin » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:00 pm

I use the FNDC on port 5 as the relay for my Generator start/stop via the Mate3 AGS features. It used to work just fine, but recently I've noticed the Mate3 reporting it's turned the generator off, and the AC IN is dropped, but the light is blinking because it still sees power on the AC Inputs. Sure enough, i can hear the generator still running outside. Viewing the config, it's all set up properly as far as I can tell, and looking under GEN, it is set to off (either automatically or manually.)

However, if i navigate to the FNDC settings, it reports that it's relay is AUTO ON still. I can push OFF and the generator shuts down... and then as you might expect it momentarily switches from Manual Off to Auto Off (because of the AGS config i'm assuming).

So what would make it so that the Mate3 isn't actually toggling the relay state?

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Re: AGS not flipping FNDC relay?

Post by Kurt Lundquist » Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:53 am

Hmm...maybe the FNDC relay programming is causing the problem? Check to make sure the relay voltage and SOC set points are out of range so they don't cause problems. The Mate3 can't tell the FNDC to ignore the relay logic like it does for the inverters. If you need to play around with the FNDC settings a bit you might want to set the generator switch to manual so that it doesn't start/stop as the relay changes state. Don't forget to set it back to Auto when you are finished.

Kurt Lundquist
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