FNDC inop

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FNDC inop

Postby RJRsolar on Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:59 am

I'm looking for any troubleshooting suggestions:

I had a HUB10 that failed, however prior to the failure, the FNDC was working properly. I have replaced the HUB10 with a HUB4, but now the FNDC appears dead. There are no LED's lighted on the FNDC and no activity on the HUB port the FNDC is plugged into. I have tried other ports, but the results are the same. This replacement was also along with updating the system to OPTICS re. There is DC voltage at the HUB's connector.

The new HUB4 was purchased on eBay and appears unused, along with original box and doc's. It does seem to be an older unit.
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Re: FNDC inop

Postby sodamo on Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:42 am

Had a similar ordeal recently. My FNDC apparently failed and somehow partially took out my Mate 3, at least the buttons no longer worked and whenever to plugged in the FNDC the Mate would reset, losing my settings.
A call to OB tech support. Sent a new Mate 3, but I was reluctant to just fire it up so called TS when I was ready and let them direct me. Confirmed the FNDC was bad and sent replacement. Now all is good again.
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