FNCD Issues

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FNCD Issues

Postby stretch69 on Wed Oct 26, 2016 5:26 am


For the the last few days I have been having issue with the FNDC. Here is what it is doing.

SOC is reading 71 percent and battery voltage is reading 43.9 volts. This seems to me to be way the heck off as the inverters drop out.

I have only 1 shunt.

So i looked at the graphs for he night and here is the info.

53.9 volts at 8:00 am
53.2 VFX 3638
52.8 VFX 3648
53 FM60
FNDC 53.9
I was charging form grid.
Any ideas and help would be great.
oh is a brand new Rolls 400 AMP hours battery bank this summer.
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Re: FNCD Issues

Postby Sandra Herrera on Sun Oct 30, 2016 8:14 am

This may be a minor programming issues, over time the FN-DC drifted out of calibration. This is because of changes on the batteries, as they are aging the setting should change on the FN-DC.
Please review this documents, and make the programming adjustments. Also make sure your single shunt is capturing all the charging and discharging sources.

http://outbackpower.com/downloads/docum ... p_note.pdf
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