Flexware 500 build help needed

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Flexware 500 build help needed

Postby icepuck on Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:20 pm

I've had a small 35a solar backup for about eight years until about a month ago the the old charge controller died. Since I was wanting to upgrade anyway I went with the FM80 charge controller. Once I realized I wasn't going to have room on the small piece of plywood the old setup was mounted too, I decided on the Flexware 500 setup.

Last week I recycled some of the parts from the old setup along with the old 600w inverter & 0.8kw of solar to get this working again. I'm using solar to power this computer i'm using now.
The big problem now is finding info & parts on howto wire up the dc side. What do I use for dc breakers and bus bars? Do I wire my PV disconnect in the same box? I have the FM80 mounted flush on the right side with display facing to the right so I can add a second FM80 later on. I don't have any outback inverters yet because the dc side isn't wired up right yet.

I found someone on you tube that had a FW-500 setup but he didn't have a video of how the dc side was wired up or what parts were used. He did a really good video of the ac side which helped a lot.
So as you can see I'm lost and can't go farther. I can take pictures of the current setup if it will help any.
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Re: Flexware 500 build help needed

Postby Mike Curran on Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:36 am

Ice - Take a look at the parts list on p. 4 of the FW500 manual. That should get you started...
http://www.outbackpower.com/downloads/d ... sguide.pdf
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