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Always change both boards

Postby grenadapalace on Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:26 pm

Dear all,

So one of my inverters (VFXR3048E) inverters (no. 2 of a stack of 4) went down. I was lucky enough to have some spare new boards (purchased when I bought all the new OB kit), and changed the control board (googled no lights and this seem to come back as the culprit). No joy, still dead. So I called OB tech support, they sent me a new FET board, which I fitted, and still no joy. Did some more googling, seems like if the FET board goes, it takes out the control board, so I call OB tech support and they say to send unit back, no more boards can be sent, send back. Now I live Grenada with a good postal system, but not that good, this would take months. So, more googling, and I decide to buy a control board, at £250. MUCH MUCH cheaper and better for the planet then sending the whole heavy inverter back. New control board fitted today, a firmware update required, and hey presto, all well and my stack of 4 is all happy again.


Maybe try a bit harder to get units repaired on site. The very reason I run all your kit is because I have people I love, young people, who I want a planet for when I am well gone... Flying heavy kit here, there and everywhere costs little money compared to all the carbon damage it does.

When no 2 inverter did go down, it made no difference to my system, inverter 3 became 2, and 4 - 3, all without touching a thing. This also happened while I was away from home for 3 months, and nothing was affected. Amazing really, but that's the very reason I chose OB kit, kit I consider to be the very best...

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