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Outback Newb - Where to Start?

Postby amurguia on Mon Dec 05, 2016 9:20 am


Hello forums!

Well, I'm a yacht power newbie just trying to understand my configuration so I can keep my batteries charged and in good order. The TL;DR is, where can I go to understand the system I have so I can run it? One of the manuals said something fairly terrifying to me, "A good battery system can last ten years if well maintained, but you can ruin it in a month."

The system (which I can get more specific about once I'm on the boat) has an Outback Inverter / Charger, two LaMarche Conststavolt chargers, a Mate 2, and two transformers (and of course, batteries spread throughout the boat). One of the transformers has a "Boost" switch which may not be relevant. I also have a diesel GenSet on the boat but it doesn't appear to be configured in the Mate.

I want to understand charging. When I turn on the LaMarche chargers from the boats main circuit board, they hum to life. Is that all I need to do to charge the boats batteries and keep them in order? Or does the Outback charger also need to be initiated from time to time? When I go through the menus and try to initiate a "Bulk" charge, nothing really happens. It will ask if I want an equalizing charge, but I'm too timid to say yes given I don't understand the system.

So, as you can probably tell, completely new to this. Thanks for any insights and happy to answer any clarifying questions.

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